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Welcome to School Galaxy – creators of personalised educational journeys that help pupils love learning.

School Galaxy is the brainchild of Nina Pogossova, a Harvard Business School graduate driven by a belief that every pupil can become an enthusiastic, self-assured learner with faith in their abilities and pride in their achievements.

Throughout her education, Nina shared many of the challenges faced by pupils in the traditional education system today. Her ambition is to provide access to a unique blend of guidance, resource, courses and tutoring that enable pupils to thrive and reach a destination based on achievable results.

Nina’s motto, "The nature of the journey defines the destination" lies at the heart of everything we do, exemplifying the quality of our worldwide partnerships.

"Tell me, and I forget,
teach me, and I remember,
involve me, and I learn."

School Galaxy brings together

  • The finest tutors, specially chosen for their approach to teaching.
  • Content sourced from the most accomplished providers.
  • Educational programs from the worlds most revered institutions.

School Galaxy – creators of personalised educational journeys that help pupils love learning

How We Deliver Results

Wherever your child needs to be, and whatever the current academic level, you can choose to purchase stand-alone courses and educational resources, or take advantage of our fully supported services, including

  • personalised assessments;
  • expert guidance;
  • tailored educational plans;
  • advice on the most appropriate school;
  • online educational resources;
  • online and location-based individual tuition; and
  • online and location-based group tuition.

The Key To Success

Having a plan in place to achieve your child’s academic goals removes a great deal of stress from the learning process.

When you combine a plan with the accelerated learning provided in our courses, education becomes a positive experience that develops pride, satisfaction and results.

But the real key to success is flexibility — and the School Galaxy system enables you to monitor progress and adjust the plan to meet your child’s specific needs based on

  • their current academic level,
  • your preferred next school,
  • the preferred school’s exam requirements,
  • the time your child has available before their exam, and
  • your budget.

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